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Crocheted Plaid Cardigan

Crocheted cardiganAt long last, I have finished the cardigan I started back at the start of the summer.  Its been on the back burner for most of the summer partly because it was too warm to have any need for it and partly because I needed to sew in hundreds of ends, a job I hate.

The pattern is a very old one, I first made it before I had kids and they are now all grown up so I reckon I must be at least 30 years old!  The yarn I used was Rico Baby Merino DK.  It’s beautiful, 100% virgin wool, very soft and easy to work with.

The crochet part is very quick and easy as its just a mesh made of trebles and chains.  It’s after that the fun begins as you then have to weave strands of yarn through the mesh to give a thick and super warm cardigan.  It’s so easy to pull the woven yarn too tight and then the pieces get distorted out of shape.  Once the weaving is done then you have to sew in all the ends that result.

Crocheted mesh
Crocheted mesh
Crocheted mesh with weaving
Crocheted mesh with weaving
Hundreds of ends in need of sewing in
Hundreds of ends in need of sewing in

I find making clothes really nerve racking.  Although I’d checked my tension and was following a pattern I had made before I still felt nervous that it wouldn’t fit properly – after all the pattern was from the 80’s and fashions have changed so much.  But, I’m pleased to say, it does fit and I am happy with it.

Me wearing my plaid cardigan



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