4am Sunday Morning

African flower coasters in the making
African flower coasters in the making

What do you do do when you can’t sleep?

Quite often I wake up around 4am and can’t get back to sleep. I hate lying there worrying about not being able to sleep so I usually get up, make myself a cup of tea and decamp to the spare bed with some yarn and a hook.

I find crochet very relaxing.  The regular rhythm of the stitches flowing from my hook coupled with counting how many stitches I have done always calms my mind and makes me feel better.  So when it’s pitch dark outside and I should be fast asleep but my brain won’t switch off and let me, I turn to crochet to quieten my thoughts.  Usually after an hour I can switch the light out and get back to sleep.

To night is one of those nights and here I am propped up in the bed in the spare room.  I can hear Hubby snoring next door which is comforting when it’s coming from the next room and not right in your ear.

I’m making a coaster using the African flower pattern.  It’s one of my favourite motifs and I can almost do it blindfold now so it’s ideal for middle of the night crochet.  This isn’t the time of day to tackle anything complicated.  Hopefully soon I will feel sleepy and be able to snuggle down.

Night, night.


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