Tomato, Courgette, Pepper and Pesto Tart

Tomato, pepper and courgette tart
Tomato, pepper and courgette tart

Last time I went shopping I bought a pack of ready rolled puff pastry.  I really didn’t have any idea what I was going to make with it, I just saw it on the shelf in the chilled section and thought I could use it to make something different for dinner – pastry doesn’t really feature much in our diet except on Hubby’s beloved pork pies and Cornish Pasties.

Well a week had gone by and it was still sitting in the fridge waiting for inspiration to strike me so I thought I’d better look out a recipe to try.  Apart from the pastry, the fridge wasn’t particularly well stocked but we did have tomatoes, half a pepper and a courgette so I looked for any recipes that might include one or more of these ingredients alongside the puff pastry.  I found lots of variations of tomato tart on the Jus-Rol website which seemed really easy to do and gave me an idea of oven temperature and timings but then I improvised a bit.

Firstly I cut the ready rolled pastry into two.  On one piece I spread a thin layer of pesto on the pastry, leaving a 1″ border around the edge free of pesto, onto this I scattered quartered cherry tomatoes, small bits of courgette and red pepper, a drizzle of olive oil and salt and pepper.  On the other piece I left out the pesto.  15 minutes in the oven at 200C (fan oven) and I had two impressive looking tarts which smelt lovely and tasted really good too.  Hubby and I agreed that both were great so in future if there’s no pesto in the cupboard I’d still make this.  Another recipe to file away for another day when I get tempted to buy a pack of puff pastry.


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