Tis the Season to be Jolly!

Crocheted Christmas baubles
Crocheted Christmas baubles

It is definitely ‘that time of year’.  The time of year when the shops are full of little black dresses, sequined tops, gift sets of smellies or underwear for her, gift sets of booze  or sports related items for him, mince pies and turkeys.  That one week of the year when your inbox is full of emails extorting you to spend, spend, spend because its Black Friday week.  The only time I popped into the shops recently I came home singing ‘So here it is, Merry Christmas everyone’ and now I can’t get that song out of my head.

So what’s a girl that doesn’t enjoy shopping at the best of times, let alone in the run up to Christmas, to do?  Grab some cotton yarn, a hook and make some Christmas baubles ready for when it’s time to put the tree up.

I’ve used my favourite motif design, the African Flower by  Lounette Fourie and Anita Roussouw  for these baubles.  For each bauble I made two African Flower pentagons, ie I started with 5 groups of two trebles in the first round as this gives a domed motif ideal for making a Christmas bauble, up to the single crochet row that edges the petals.  I used Rico Essentials Cotton DK yarn and a 3.25mm hook, this yarn has a lovely sheen and comes in a good range of colours.  It does have a tendency to split but as long as you are careful it’s fine.

First off I simply joined the two motifs together adding some stuffing once they were 3/4 joined but I wasn’t happy with the result as the resulting ‘bauble’ looked a bit lumpy bumpy, not the look I was going for.  So instead I decided to use a plastic bauble as the ‘stuffing’ instead.  Hence my trip to the shops to buy a box of cheap plastic baubles, I did think about using polystyrene balls but that would have worked out more expensive.   Because the motifs now needed to fit around the plastic balls I’d bought I added a row of trebles to one of the motifs.  I didn’t go all the way around the motif but stopped a couple of stitches before the end so that I had a gap to fit around the neck of the plastic bauble.  Having stitched the two motifs together to just past the half way point I then popped the plastic bauble inside and finished sewing all the way around.

Making a crocheted Christmas bauble
Making a crocheted Christmas bauble – motifs made ready for joining
Making a crocheted Christmas bauble
Making a crocheted Christmas bauble – motifs part way joined and plastic bauble inserted into the middle
Crocheted Christmas bauble
Finished bauble

If you would like your very own  Christmas baubles but don’t want to make them yourself, please contact me as I do make items to order.

Some I’ve displayed on a small tree branch set into gravel, the others will go on the Christmas tree once it is set up.

Christmas decorationsI really like having something homemade on my tree and know that these handmade baubles will be coming out every year from now onwards.

Crocheted Christmas baubles
Crocheted Christmas baubles

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