C2C or not C2C?

I bought some multi-coloured chunky yarn before Christmas for no other reason than I quite liked the colour.  After uhming and aghing for a bit I decided to make a small C2C (corner to corner) blanket to use when I am sitting down in the evening.

Being chunky yarn it crocheted up quickly and I had soon I used up all the yarn I had bought.  The problem with multi-coloured wool is that until you start using it you don’t really know how the colours are going to work out and I really wasn’t happy with what I had made.  I enjoyed the rythm of the C2C stitch and liked the way the stitch itself looked just not the way the colour changes worked.

Small C2C Blanket
Small C2C Blanket

I kept looking at it hoping it would grow on me but actually the opposite was happening.  So rather than buy more yarn to finish the blanket I frogged the whole lot.  Now I have 500g of multi-coloured chunky wool that I can’t decide what to do with, any suggestions?



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