Miscellaneous Crafts

The First Cut is the Deepest

My first linoprint

Yesterday I had the chance to have a go at creating a linocut print at a session run at Perton Library as part of the This Way Up programme.  The session was run by Emma and was great fun.

I’ve never done Lino printing before, not even at school, and can’t draw for toffee so I wasn’t expecting to produce anything worthwhile.

Rather than use the old type of Lino which is apparently really hard to cut Emma had brought along small pieces of soft Lino for us to use.  I found it really easy to cut into the Lino, sometimes a bit too easy as I found a couple of times I had cut too far but hey ho I wasn’t expecting perfection first time.

Before the session I had searched Pinterest for some simple Lino print designs and decided to have a go at creating a design based on fishes as that seemed simple enough to do.

My finished linocut wasn’t exactly as I wanted but it was OK so onto the printing which turned out much better than I had hoped.

I really enjoyed this session and would like to do more.  I will have to investigate how expensive the tools and materials are but NOT until I have finished some of my rather too numerous WIPs.

Sorry the photo isn’t very good, I will add a better one next week when I pick up my dry prints.



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