Spring has Sprung!

Spring is definitely here today.  It’s not been exactly hot but when the sun was out it was very pleasant to be outside.

Having spent yesterday spring cleaning our bedroom, today I decided to make the most of the weather and do some gardening.

I have quite a bit of colour in the garden in the moment from the spring bulbs and polyantus and there are lots of green leaves on the different shrubs.

We are slowly getting the garden back to something that resembles a garden rather than an overgrown wasteland after leaving it to my son’s tender loving care for 2 years whilst we lived away. Some bushes I planted 18 months ago now seem to have got established and the creeping ceanothus in particular is now starting to take up space in the side border and I was pleased to see my new peony had new shoots.

In an attempt to reduce the amount of weeding needed last year we laid down a mulch of chipped bark. What a disaster! Now the whole area is covered in celandines. I love celandines in the right place but not in my garden and in such profusion.



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