A Myriad of Mandalas

Crocheted mandala and vase of flowersI love to have a vase of flowers or a potted plant on display in the sitting room and I used to use a drinks coaster to stop the vase or pot making marks on the furniture but not since I discovered how easy it is to make lovely bright mandalas to pop under them instead.

Well I call them manadalas, hubby calls them doilies.  For me doilies are made from fine cotton yarn and are very delicate.  My mandalas are made from DK yarn, the first ones I made using Stylecraft Special DK as that was what I had to hand but latterly I have used Rico Essentials Cotton DK which comes in a nice range of colours and has a lovely sheen.  They are a great stash buster as you don’t needs a lot of yarn.

Whatever you want to call them, I’m basically talking about something flat, geometric, usually circular but not always, with a concentric design.  As the word mandala is Sanskrit for circle, I suppose this means that the non-circular ones aren’t really manadalas but that is what I am going to call them.

Some I made following a pattern, some I improvised.  Pinterest provided plenty of inspiration and I’ve put together my own Manadala board.  For the pentagonal one I adapted a pattern for a star from the book ‘100 Colourful Ripple Stitches to Crochet’ by Leonie Morgan, several start with an African Flower pentagon but then I played with different stitches to get very different finished mandalas.


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