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Sock it to me one more time!

I’ve really got into this sock making lark!  This is my second pair of socks, they are slightly different than the first pair.  I’ve used the same wool as before, King Cole Zig Zag sock yarn, but I varied the pattern a bit.  The heel and leg shapings are the same but the stitches used are different.

I used the book ‘Socks a la Carte: Pick and Choose Patterns to Knit Socks Your Way’ by Jonelle Raffino.  The book contains a good introduction section with information about the basics of sock construction and making socks to fit.  The second part is flip section where the pages are divided into three categories: cuff, leg and sock body.  You can then choose different combinations of different cuffs, legs and sock bodies to get a pattern that you like.

For this pair of socks I chose a cuff with a twisted rib stitch and for the leg part of the sock I tried my hand at doing a cable stitch.  I’m not quite sure about the twisted rib, it’s OK but I’m not sure it was worth the extra effort.

The cables aren’t perfect, it’s the first time I’ve ever knitted cables and I kept loosing count of the number of rows I’d knitted so the cables aren’t all even.  Next time I will have to work out a way of keeping count of the rows.  I didn’t continue with the cables on the  foot part of the sock but I did continue the wide rib down along the top half of the foot to the point where I started decreasing for the toes.

The heel section is also different from last time as the heel flap was done in the same twisted rib as the top of the cuff.

Heel of first pair of socks on left, heel of this second pair of socks on right

I much prefer the texture of heel of the first pair as the fabric created is much tighter and denser.

All in all I’m not so happy with this second pair of socks as the first.  I decided to use the same number of stitches but the socks don’t fit so snugly because I used a rib stitch.  They are the right length just baggy around by foot and ankle.  I’m sure a more experienced knitter would have anticipated this but being new to knitting I didn’t.  It this hasn’t stopped me wearing them though, in fact I’ve got them on today.  I still have some yarn left from the two 100g balls I bought enough to make a third pair I think.


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